A Brief But Comprehensive Rundown of What SPEC Clutches Are Made For

Looking for that right aftermarket clutch for your vehicle? Automotive aftermarket clutches can improve drivability and performance in many different ways. Not only will your engine benefit from an upgraded clutch, but the transmission will like it as well. The vehicle’s drivetrain takes power from the engine and delivers it to the wheels. An aftermarket clutch will enhance this movement.

Two words come to mind when thinking of aftermarket clutch, and those are SPEC Clutch. Their line of aftermarket automotive drivetrain components has some of the highest ratings in the industry today. Spec Clutch has over 9 different types of aftermarket clutches. Each of these drivetrain components offer different qualities and are based on the type of driving that the owner does.

Starting at the bottom with the Stage 1 clutch is Spec Clutch’s beginner aftermarket clutch so to speak. This drivetrain component is crafted for drivers using their vehicle for street, drag, drift, road race, rallye, pulling, and autocross. The Stage 1 automotive engine clutch is designed to perform just like a factory clutch, but can handle more power from the engine. The Stage 1 clutch can be used on a factory engine as well. No performance upgrades are necessary. This is perfect for a driver who doesn’t like the factory clutch setup. Next in line is the Stage 2 clutch from Spec clutch. The Stage 2 offers longer life than the Stage 1 clutch and can also handle more power. This automotive clutch is good for street, drag, pulling and autocross types of driving. Spec clutch’s Stag 2+ aftermarket clutch connects the gap between Stage 2 and Stage 3.

The Stage 2+ clutch offers everything that the Stage 2 has, but can also handle higher torque. This clutch is available for the same types of driving as the Stage 2 drivetrain clutch. Spec Clutch offers 4 more stages of aftermarket clutches including Stage 3, Stage3+, Stage 4, and Stage 5 clutch. Stage 3 and 3+ are great for race cars and heavy drag racing. These clutches from Spec Clutch combine great drivability with proven performance. Spec Clutch’s Stage 3+ clutch is their best clutch available for ultimate street driving. The Stage 4 and 5 clutches from Spec Clutch are the top products for single disc performance automotive clutches. Both of these are suitable for heavy racing but not street-friendly. The Stage 4 and Stage 5 clutches would very rough for everyday driving. This type of clutch is very rough to engage and disengage.

A multi-disc clutch is also available from Spec Clutch. The multi-disc clutch is made for very high powered race cars with torque of over 700. Vehicle’s that have forced induction like a turbocharger or supercharger are candidates for these types of clutches. Spec Clutch’s line of multi-disc automotive clutches includes their super twin clutch and mini twin clutch. A multi-disc car clutch is designed to work without losing power when shifting. The super twin drivetrain clutch from Spec Clutch is comparable to a factory clutch with a long life expectancy. This automotive clutch is also created using aircraft grade aluminum for extreme durability. The mini twin multi-disc clutch from Spec Clutch is designed for very limited racing conditions. The product can be designed by the customer to fit the vehicle’s needs.

Both multi-disc clutch kits from Spec Clutch are completely rebuild-able if anything were to go wrong. Replacement components for every part of the clutch are available through Spec Clutch. Spec Clutch has made it easy for enthusiasts to choose their application and include everything needed for the install. For optimal performance, pair one of their aftermarket automotive clutches with their flywheel. Their automotive flywheels are crafted using billet aluminum and steel.

Delivering added amounts of torque to the vehicle’s wheels cannot be done on a factory drivetrain setup. Spec Clutch has been perfecting their drivetrain products using the latest technology. Each and every one of their automotive components is created using the highest grade of parts. A great quality that Spec offers is they will replace any broken clutch if it is used under their specified torque range. All Spec Clutch components are offered for both import and domestic vehicles.

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