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In recent days, we decided to connect with a friend who runs a stellar local performance BMW shop, Tyspeed Automotive, and come together to build a race car based on a 2002 BMW 330Ci.  It has been an exciting past few … Continue reading

Turbo Management Made Easy with GFB

A lot of drivers hear the term “GFB turbo solutions” and they are not quite sure what it means. People ask what the word “solutions” is in regards to. Is it one specific area of the vehicle? To Go Fast Bits, it is their way of upgrading your total boost management. And to do this, there is more than one GFB turbo solution. It can come from an aftermarket blow off valve, boost controller, or a wastegate actuator. One or way or the other, it is topic of expertise for the Australian-based outfit. If you own a turbocharged car it is a good idea to see what GFB turbo solutions would work best for your car’s setup.

The principle objective to Go Fast Bits is to help you get the most out of turbo boost without putting the engine in danger. Not to oversimplify it, but that pretty much sums it up. Go Fast Bits TMS products are led by the array of aftermarket blow off valves. This device is designed to release pressure from the turbo that comes from the throttle closing while boosting. An aftermarket blow off valve is very advantageous in ushering boost pressure out of the turbo. Not only does it help keep boost balanced, but it also takes care of the “fluttering” many drivers are familiar with. The right aftermarket blow off valve is as much for engine maintenance as it is safety.

There is more to the GFB’s system than valves. A big part of what they do involves lightweight pulley kits. This is a turbo management solution that is very popular. Here is how it works: OEM pulleys are heavy and quite substantial in size. Replacing them with lighter aluminum and a more compact shape brings about a distinct change in acceleration. That is where the turbo management solution is found. Due to the reduction in rotational mass, more power is available to be used to accommodate gear shifts, specifically in typical deceleration points. Going from 3rd to 1st can occur without a pause in your car’s revs. When it comes to GFB turbo management solutions, this is one many rely on.

It depends on what you need your car for. Go Fast Bits accessories cater to a wide range of needs. Before choosing what you would like to add to your ride, first learn about what parts your turbo is best complimented by. Once you have got that down, picking out your GFB turbo parts becomes a lot easier.

Your Subaru Requires an Underdrive Pulley

Building revs with balance is why drivers love Subaru underdrive pulleys. If you have gone through the trouble of customizing your turbo setup then likely, there is a missing piece to the puzzle. For most WRX and STI owners, that is a Subaru underdrive pulley. The balancing act of downshifting and trying to maintain boost can grow tiring. It can also lead to laggy performance. Subaru underdrive pulleys lighten the load on the belt, resulting in quicker response. You can also count on a more even feel when on the road. It is all done with science. GFB engine pulleys combine lighter weight with less overall mass that makes cruising smoother than before.

One of the chief complaints Impreza owners have had is about the hitching going from low RPMs in high gears and shifting down. Go Fast Bits fixes this with their lightweight underdrive pulley kit. It is simple physics. The pulleys are smaller, thus mass is reduced. Less rotational inertia is what GFB engine pulleys are based upon. Removing weight/mass from the car results in better balance, especially in the lower gears. GFB engine pulleys do not make more horsepower. However, they do allow more power to be available due to the decrease in rotational mass. Going from 1st to 2nd to 3rd or down from 4th to 3rd becomes a lot quicker. That is because the GFB engine pulley helps catch revs before a steep drop.

This is not a single piece. Each underdrive pulley kit includes crank, alternator, and power steering pulleys along with their belt(s). The material used is key in the lower density. Go Fast Bits uses 6061-T6 aluminum in their underdrive pulley kits not just because it is light, but also due to its durability. There is no chatter during rotation. Plus, the aluminum helps each component in the underdrive pulley kit resist corrosion thanks to an anodized finish.

You do not need a special tool for installation. Unlike the factory parts, the belt included with the Go Fast Bits pulley kit fits over just one set of ribs. The only tedious part to the procedure (in some models) is removing the OEM alternator pulley, which is usually made easier with air tools. All GFB engine underdrive pulley kits come with instructions.

The Benefits of RA Mud Flaps are Far Reaching

When shopping for custom STI mud flaps there are several factors to consider. Durability is always at the top of the list. It does your car little good to throw on an expensive set of flaps only for them to rip off at the first sign of trouble. Depending on where you live, pliability is also a concern. In areas where the temps can fall far below freezing, rubber and plastic have a tendency to harden or worse, curl up. These issues are not uncommon for sport compact drivers. And that is what makes UR mud flaps such a popular option. All of the attributes you are looking for are present. The best part is that UR mud flaps are available for some of today’s most prolific performance models.

The first point of interest is the material. UR mud flaps are made of urethane. Rally Armor formulated their own compound that is intended to offer a high degree of flexibility. This is an important area of development. High flexibility not only promotes durability, but it is resistant to dynamic fluctuations in temperature. It works like this. With typical rubber guards, the material reacts to the air. If the air is warm or hot, the rubber will be bendable. When the temperature drops to freezing or below, rubber hardens. This inconsistency can lead to damage in numerous ways.

Rubber that has become extremely stiff due to cold is more vulnerable. The edges curl, which makes the area of coverage compromised. But it can also lead to fractures. Tiny cracks gradually appear. If the temperature is consistently cold, that is not a huge problem. However, when the temperature rises, those cracks corrupt the structural integrity of the product. The first time there is forcible contact can lead to a rip. That is precisely what UR mud flaps are designed to protect against.

Maintaining a consistent basis of protection is crucial. What makes UR mud flaps special is that regardless of temperature, they perform the same. Even in sub-zero temps, they still have a pliable consistency. The edges will not fold up or curl. For performance car owners who reside in areas where there is a cold climate, it is one of the most important Rally Armor benefits.

Of course, most drivers want UR mud flaps to protect the tires, panels, and wheel wells. This is another aspect to their effectiveness. For instance, many Impreza STI owners enjoy messing around on off-road tracks or driving around in tightly packed snow. When tires have to find grip on these kinds of surfaces, the treads have to do more work. The tires kick up the snow or gravel, which means that whatever sediment is being kicked up finds its way on and around the car. What is worse is when in addition to the snow, drivers have to contend with rock salt. Rock salt can do damage to the fenders and undercarriage that is tough to recover from.

UR mud guards relegate all of these occurrences as a non-issue. When the car is in motion on virtually any surface, the tires and panels will stay much cleaner than before. Mud is often responsible for a lot of the damage that is common to off-road enthusiasts. It is wet, sticky, and when it dries can be a hassle to get rid of. UR mud flaps shield the lower exterior from mud. On top of that, thanks to the urethane material, it is easily washed away at your first opportunity.

Finally, you also get protection against “curbing”, which is when your car is pulling out of a driveway or away from the curb. For lowered vehicles this is often a major hassle. This is how generic or OEM mud flaps become damaged the most. Once again, the flexibility factor comes into effect. UR mud flaps are not rigid, so they do not get stuck on a curb or any other fixed disturbance. Whether you are pulling the car forward or backing out, the flexibility allows for the flap to move with the motion of the vehicle.

Another trait drivers want is style. Rally Armor mud guards are form-fitting, promoting a more aggressive look. A big part of that is due to the design. What separates Rally Armor mud guards from other options is that they are specific to your vehicle. You can adjust how far they come out in certain instances, but either way, the fit is exact. This helps Rally Armor mud guards deliver a sleeker look in relation to the body.

EVO Splash Guards by Rally Armor Now Available

Looking for EVO mud flaps that fit the low profile of your ride and still provide the level of protection you need can be a hassle. There has to be a balance between security, dependability, and style. Rally Armor manufactures Evo mud flaps that are designed to fit your vehicle like a glove with the high quality materials you are looking for. Rally Armor has three styles to choose from – basic, classic, and UR, or urethane.

Before choosing the Evo mud flaps that are right for you, take into account your driving habits. Road racers usually want lightness and flexibility. When that is the case, Evo tire mud guards that are made of urethane are a safe bet. The urethane is weatherproof, but it does not have a lot of rigidity. That helps when you need your tires to have zero restriction. If you keep your Mitsubishi on the street and not the race track, classic or basic Evo tire mud guards might be the answer. The main difference between them is material. Classic Evo tire mud guards are made of a poly-plastic compound. Basic flaps are similar, but are not a custom fit.

One attribute both classic and basic Evo tire mud guards have in common is rigidity. While the urethane is flexible, the rubberized plastic is not. It is harder and denser. From a protective standpoint, it comes in handy. These Rally Armor Lancer mud flaps stand up to roadside debris, shielding your tires and fenders from extra damage. Mud also fails to penetrate their surface, allowing them to be simple to wash off. And just like the urethane Rally Armor Lancer mud guards, classic and basic series options are not vulnerable to extreme changes in temperature.

Shape is crucial, as well. Rally Armor Lancer mud guards vary slightly in terms of width depending on style, but they are all guaranteed to fit. Lowered cars often have an issue in this regard. When an Evo is lowered and has custom wheels, OEM mud flaps can get in the way. They can interfere with clearance, especially on gravelly roadways. Evo splash guards that are specifically intended for your car do not have this problem. The coverage is exceptional and clearance is more than adequate.

Mazda 3 Mud Flaps Offer the Style and Fit You Need

The exterior of your car is a vulnerable place. Between the tires, wheel wells, and fenders, there is constant risk. Mazda 3 mud flaps go a long way towards protecting your ride the right way. The key is in the placement. Designed specifically for your vehicle, Mazda 3 splash guards offer a form-fitting answer for extra tough terrain and smooth city streets.

The level of quality is the most important variable. Mazda 3 splash guards designed for your model make a big difference. Generic mud flaps are not made to the contours of your wheel wells and fender displacement. This allows for a precise fit. Rally Armor manufactures their line of Mazda 3 mud flaps according to your car’s measurements. Fitment is predicated upon model year. However, there are Mazda 3 mud flaps made for a universal fit. They are not divided up into model year specificity. That means no matter which year your car is, you can install universal Mazda 3 mud flaps and get the effect you are looking for.

But the biggest reason drivers are into it is due to the material. RA Mazda 3 mud guards come in three primary options: UR (urethane), Classic, and Basic. The materials differ most in flexibility. RA Mazda 3 mud guards made from urethane are slim and known for pliability. They offer superior defense against mud and snow covered roadways with a light composition. Classic RA Mazda 3 mud guards are made of a rubberized plastic and are very firm. Instead of being flexible, they are extremely stiff. Aside from pronounced protection, both types of RA Mazda 3 mud guards are nearly impervious to extreme temperature changes and weather conditions.

For drivers looking for improved material over the OEM but do not require a specialized brand of protection, there is another option available. The Basic series provides improved defense over the factory without a specialized finish. These Rally Armor Mazda flaps are also slightly different because they are not intended to fit any specific version of your model.

Installation may differ depending on model year. All Rally Armor splash guards come with hardware (brackets, screws, washers, etc.). Drilling should not be necessary.

For extra style, Mazda 3 custom mud flaps also come with Rally Armor decals.

Secret Weapon Intakes Raise the Game for Performance Drivers

Performance air intakes are not for the timid. They are not for the casual driver who only travels to and from work or runs the occasional errand. Nope. An air intake that has the capability to open up engine function to a whole new level is intended specifically for those who have an inclination towards competition. With so many drivers nowadays customizing their rides just so they can gain an edge on the track or drag strip, you might need a “secret weapon.” Weapon-R has exactly what you’re looking for.

Weapon-R offers a solution for motorists seeking that little bit extra: Secret Weapon Air Intakes. This isn’t the kind of thing you will find in your local auto parts store. In fact, they are designed with the whole intent of helping you punch your way to the finish line. Secret Weapon Air Intakes are all about increasing volume. We’re talking more air, more freedom, more power, all tucked away neatly in your engine bay.

Two different types of velocity are at play here. One part of the overall air flow is sped up, and the other is slowed down just a bit. What this does is allow Secret Weapon Air Intakes to open up speed that is feeding the engine. How? For starters, three times more air is liberated. Any traditional intake system simply cannot measure up to that kind of output.

The physics of the operation are based around the pipe. A mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum tube provides the necessary passageway that encourages the free-roaming airflow your car needs. You won’t just hear the difference, you’ll also feel it. And the special SWI air filter that completes the package further enhances the system by ensuring that any type of harmful particles or exhaust are caught in advance. In other words, your car won’t just go faster, it will zip more efficiently, as well.

You only get one choice as far as finishes go – polished. But that’s all you need. If you are into showing off what you’ve got going on underneath the hood, the appearance alone will be enough to satisfy your appetite. There is also no need to fret about durability. Secret Weapon Air Intakes come with a one million mile limited warranty.

Go faster with more confidence; give your car the arsenal it needs to break through. You don’t need to break the bank or overhaul the entire setup. It’s a lot easier than that. Just hook up with a “secret weapon” that is proven to get the job done. The results will speak for themselves.

Denso Air Filters Help Rides Breathe Easy

Dirty air is a regular part of life under the hood of your car. There is just no way to escape it. Between exhaust gases and heated components, things get pretty mucky inside the engine bay. But they don’t have to stay like that and what’s more, they do not have to drag down your car’s performance. That’s why Denso air filters are such an inspired choice. Gone are the days of relying on cheaply-made fabrics that do little but contribute to the poor air quality of your car. Instead, say hello to a healthier ride thanks to an air filter that knows how to keep up with your vehicle’s demands.

What makes Denso air filters so different is their construction. Denso uses a three-layer design pattern that is specifically manufactured to do more than provide a barrier against foggy air. The first is the “course layer”, which could be likened to the first line of defense. This layers stops large particles and debris from causing an issue. The second, or “intermediate layer”, takes it a step further by halting medium-sized dust and dirt particles from getting in. And finally, the “fine layer” is there to make sure no tiny particles slip through the cracks.

So what can you expect with Denso air filters? A more efficient airflow is the first thing your car will benefit from. Since there is no longer a wave of dust all over the place, your engine is free to breathe just a little easier. Also, due to their unrivaled ability to capture dirt and dust, Denso air filters last far longer. Less replacements mean more money saved.

It’s a new era. OEM replacement components aren’t what they used to be. So pay attention to exactly what it is both your car and your wallet needs to stay above the fray. Denso air filters take a regular part of vehicle maintenance and turn it into a vote of confidence you won’t be able to say no to.

Muddy Mud Flaps Are No Fun for Anyone

It’s not that you expect your tires to always be clean. How could you, especially if you ride through difficult terrain? But when your mud flaps become especially muddy, it can be an annoyance. The wet, loose dirt gets all caked inside of the treads once it dries. The flaps themselves appear as if they were painted with a dull, brown enamel. Worst of all, it can be a major pain trying to hose the mess off once it’s in place. This is a common occurrence, one that many truck and SUV drivers live with on a regular basis.

The solution is simple: Rally Armor mud flaps. There is a pretty sizeable difference between the kind of reassurance and dependability Rally Armor offers compared to whatever the OEM threw on the back of your tires. A smooth polyplastic blend is the recipe for success. Typical rubber mud flaps have creases that act as hosts for wet dirt. That means whenever you’re galavanting around on the trail, every little muddy morsel is getting stuck inside of the material. This is a problem.

Rally Armor mud flaps go in a different direction. The polyplastic material doesn’t have any microscopic nooks and crannies for mud to find a home in. Rather, any kind of wet debris that you come across is met with a resistant surface. Less mud gets on, and the stuff that sticks is easy to hose right off.

If you don’t drive a truck or SUV, don’t be alarmed. Rally Armor mud flaps are widely available for many of the more popular performance cars on the road. That’s right. So if you scream around in an Impreza or EVO, chances are that you’ll find the set of flaps that you need for both work and play. After all, the name is Rally Armor – for rally racing and any other off-road adventures you might find appealing.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look around our inventory today and see what fits your style. You’re guaranteed to find the mud flaps that provide the winning difference.

Mevotech Wheel Bearings Up the Strength Factor

Front-wheel bearings are a vital part of your vehicle’s stability. Without a proper setup, the symptoms begin to appear in droves. First, you might notice a rattle when coming to a stop. Then, it’s a little shake as you round a corner. Or worse, you may feel the car start to dive as you decelerate. Want to know why this happens? Because the front-wheel bearings you’re currently using are no longer up to the task.

There is an answer to all of this. Mevotech front wheel bearings showcase the kind of construction it takes to continue on without a problem. It isn’t because the OEM was negligent in their design. It’s more because Mevotech is so much more involved in theirs.

The difference between Mevotech front wheel bearings and any kind of OEM replacement is in the material. Mevotech uses a different level of technology when constructing their parts. Instead of flimsy, recycled iron, their front wheel bearings boast a bolstered steel makeup, which allows for two vital attributes. First, these bearings are more resistant to the potentially corrosive environment inside of the wheel. Secondly, they are able to stand up to excess heat and moisture without “caking” up with grease.

But of course, durability is the main key and let’s face it, without that this is all a waste of time. Mevotech front wheel bearings can be relied upon as perhaps, the most durable direct replacement you’re going to find. There is just no question about it. Even if you have a modded car and ask a whole lot more of your axles than the average driver…even if you’re a weekend warrior who likes off-roading it up on the mud trails in your local parks…and even if you are doomed to a lengthy commute every day of the work week through a maze of potholes and bumpy roads – Mevotech bearings have the ability to stand up to whatever kind of driving conditions you encounter and last a good deal longer than the OEM’s components could ever hope to.