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ACT is a leading high performance clutch and flywheel manufacturer for the Sport Compact, Domestic and Truck markets. ACT offers around 600 performance clutch kits and more than 40 XACT flywheels.ACT is committed to engineering new products that meet your demands. For over thirteen years, Advanced Clutch Technology has focused on quality, service and performance to deliver an unparalleled product. ACT consistently proves its expertise for performance and racing applications with innovative designs, safety certifications and proven results. Q U A L I T Y Each ACT product is unparalleled in strength, durability and materials. ACT products combine all the features you need in a performance clutch or flywheel with many different combinations to choose from.Materials used from design to production provide the platform for a solid engineered part. ACT provides quality that lasts, materials that work and processes that perform to ensure calculated results. P E R F O R M A N C E ACT designs each part for a high standard of performance. There are no shortcuts taken on the ACT road to performance. Every design has been evaluated for benefits and trade-offs. Clamp load, friction, pedal feel, working range and other characteristics are carefully tested and assessed. ACT offers the best combination to achieve the maximum performance. No gimmicks or misleading hype - just plain and simple engineering and calculated results.ACT shares the measure of performance you can expect from the product you choose. S E R V I C E An ACT technician is available to recommend the right ACT product for you. ACT products are competitively priced and available from many local retailers. ACT customer service department is responsive and ensures you receive the most complete information. Any technical issues are handled quickly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is ACT top priority.