Sway Bars & Anti Roll Bars

  • aFe Power 440-301001-N Sway Bar Set-Front and Rear (Orange)

    Part# 440-301001-N-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-301001FN Front Sway Bar- Orange

    Part# 440-301001FN-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-301001RN Rear Sway Bar- Orange

    Part# 440-301001RN-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-401001-J Johnny O’Connell Performance Sway Bar Set

    Part# 440-401001-J-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-401002-A PFADT Series Heavy Duty Street End Links

    Part# 440-401002-A-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-401004-N PFADT Series Racing Sway Bars Heavy Rate- Front and Rear (Orange)

    Part# 440-401004-N-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-401005-N PFADT Series Racing Sway Bars Heavy Rate- Front and Rear (Orange)

    Part# 440-401005-N-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-401006-N PFADT Series Racing Sway Bar Pillow Blocks

    Part# 440-401006-N-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-401007-N PFADT Series Drag Race Rear Sway Bar

    Part# 440-401007-N-AFE
  • aFe Power 440-402002-N aFe Control Sway Bar Set

    Part# 440-402002-N-AFE
    $868.75 save 11%
  • aFe Power 440-402002FN aFe Control Front Sway Bar

    Part# 440-402002FN-AFE
    $493.75 save 11%
  • aFe Power 440-402002RN aFe Control Rear Sway Bar

    Part# 440-402002RN-AFE
    $493.75 save 11%

About Sway Bars & Anti Roll Bars

Decreasing body roll and stiffening up your vehicles chassis is a great way to increase your handling. Ultrarev carries an endless supply of sway bar and anti roll bars for any application that you may need.



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