Speed Tech Performance Speed Tech Performance welcomes your input whether it relates to current products or new ideas. Design Speed Tech Performance strives to design a product that improves performance and meets the needs of you, the car enthusiast. Having the most up-to-date tools to design our products enables Speed Tech Performance attain our goal of manufacturing superior quality products including a seamless tubing process. Speed Tech Performance utilizes a CNC milling station, CNC Lathe, and NC bending machine.
Our product line currently consists of control arms, cross shafts, dust covers, bushings, body mounts, offset shackles, brake brackets, trailing arms, and hubs. Speed Tech Performance supports North American suppliers, workers and raw materials and every Speed Tech Performance product is proudly manufactured in North America.

  • Speedtech 2.5" Y-Pipe w/ 69mm outlet (Red Hoses)

    Part# 996TT-70/69KIT
  • Speedtech 2.5" Y-Pipe w/ 69mm throttle body outlet

    Part# 996TT-70/69YP
  • Speedtech 2.5" Y-Pipe w/ 75mm throttle body outlet

    Part# 996TT-70/75YP
  • Speedtech 2.5" Y-Pipe w/ 75mm throttle outlet and all connections from IC's to throttle body (Complete Kit - Black Hoses)

    Part# 996TT-70/75KIT
  • Speedtech 42mm Headers w/ Hi-Flow cats

    Part# 986-HDR
  • Speedtech 50mm mid-pipes w/ catalytic converters

    Part# 986-MIDCAT
  • Speedtech 50mm mid-pipes w/o catalytic converters

    Part# 986-MIDNC
  • Speedtech Boxster Stainless Steel mufflers only

    Part# 986-EXH
  • Speedtech Catback, 2 Piece, full 3" system

    Part# WRX0207-CB
  • Speedtech Complete 3 Piece with Catalytic Converter - Full 3" system

    Part# WRX0207-3C
  • Speedtech Complete 3 Piece, Catless, Full 3" System

    Part# WRX0207-3N
  • Speedtech Downpipe w/CAT - 4" bellmouth, 3" tubing

    Part# WRX0207DCT