McLeod Racing

McLeod Racing
NHRA Driver and McLeod owner, Paul Lee has continued McLeod’s standing as the premier clutch supplier since taking the reigns from founder Red Roberts. McLeod has a rich tradition of producing the very highest quality and most innovative clutches on the market. McLeod’s products are cost effective and backed with world-class service.McLeod’s products range from performance street replacement clutches to race ready units capable of handling 3000 hp. So whether you have a daily driver or a full race machine, McLeod has you covered.

  • McLeod 14-325 1400 Series Bearing & Master Cylinder Kit

    Part# 14-325-MCL
  • McLeod 16912 Pivot Stud Pin

    Part# 16912-MCL
  • McLeod 463456 Steel Flywheel PNS

    Part# 463456-MCL
  • McLeod 6405507HD RXT Twin Disc Clutch

    Part# 6405507HD-MCL
  • McLeod 6908-07 RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6908-07-MCL
  • McLeod 6911-04 RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6911-04-MCL
  • McLeod 6911-07 RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6911-07-MCL
  • McLeod 6912-03C RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6912-03C-MCL
  • McLeod 6912-07 RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6912-07-MCL
  • McLeod 6912-07C RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6912-07C-MCL
  • McLeod 6912-25 RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6912-25-MCL
  • McLeod 6913-03C RST Twin Disc

    Part# 6913-03C-MCL