Hotchkis Suspension

Hotchkis Suspension
For discriminating drivers who demand the best, the Hotchkis Sport Suspension engineering group has developed vastly improved suspension systems that dramatically increase the pleasure of your street or track driving experience. Serious drivers understand the benefits of a properly engineered aftermarket suspension include increased stability, improved handling, and maneuverability. Hotchkis Suspension packages will give you a comfortable ride as well. All Hotchkis Sport Suspension components are tested and punished on our 600 ft. slalom, 200 ft. skid pad, and 14-turn Autocross course. Today's vehicles are designed and engineered with extremely tight tolerances. Hotchkis engineers measure and then design with state-of-the-art CAD systems to ensure that the suspension upgrades operate in their intended locations away from existing suspension and exhaust components. Hotchkis strives to produce performance suspension that installs with little or no vehicle modifications. Not only are Hotchkis Sport Suspension components engineered to fit properly, they are finished in appropriate great looking durable finishes including gloss powder coating, bright polish, colorful anodizing, silver zinc and gold cadmium plating.

  • Hotchkis 22441 Sport Swaybar Set- Front and Rear

    Part# 22441-HTK
  • Hotchkis 22443 Sport Swaybar Set- Front and Rear

    Part# 22443-HTK
  • Hotchkis 22446 Sport Sway Bars

    Part# 22446-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 102-10003 Idler Arm

    Part# 102-10003-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 102-10005 Idler Arm

    Part# 102-10005-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 102-10006 Idler Arm

    Part# 102-10006-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 102-10012 Idler Arm

    Part# 102-10012-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 102-10017 Idler Arm

    Part# 102-10017-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 104-10011 Outer Tie Rod End

    Part# 104-10011-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 104-10019 Outer Tie Rod End

    Part# 104-10019-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 104-10058 Inner Tie Rod End

    Part# 104-10058-HTK
  • Hotchkis Suspension 104-10161 Outer Tie Rod End

    Part# 104-10161-HTK