Agency Power

Agency Power
Agency Power Industries LLC was developed out of the need to provide quality, functional, and fashionable racing products. Starting from sway bar endlinks for the Subaru WRX back in 2003, Agency Power now has over 200 part numbers for cars ranging from the STI, EVO, M3, 996, TC, and more. Based out of Chandler, Arizona, Agency Power has established itself as one the core aftermarket companies for Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi EVO products. With new focus on the Porsche and BMW market, Agency Power is constantly developing new functional and race proven products. With dealers worldwide, the AP brand is recognized globally. Working with top distributers and tuners in the USA, AP can be found in Singapore, England, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and other parts in the EU. Innovative products like the EVO rear control arms, STI fuel rails, RX8 pulley kit, and 996TT boost hoses, give Agency Power an edge to truly make a difference to your performance vehicle. Agency Power manufacturers 99% of its products here in the USA and does all product testing, racing, and assembly near its Arizona facility. Products like our full titanium muffler catback exhausts, GT35R turbo kits, and adjustable sway bars keep AP at the front of the competition. AP parts have been featured in magazines such as Modified, DSport, Import Tuner, Total 911, Bimmer, and more. To find out more on the Agency Power product line, please search through our product pages, technical bulletins, blog, information pages, and more. To give you best information on our products, we have included sound clips, dyno sheets, multiple product pictures, how to find a dealer, and see what Agency Power is currently involved with.

  • Agency Power AP-135i-405 Front Steel Braided Brake Lines-Red

    Part# AP-135i-405
  • Agency Power AP-135i-410 Rear Steel Braided Brake Lines

    Part# AP-135i-410
  • Agency Power AP-240-405 Front Steel Braided Brake Lines-Black Fittings Red Housing

    Part# AP-240-405
  • Agency Power AP-240-410 Rear Steel Braided Brake Lines-Black Fittings Red Housing

    Part# AP-240-410
  • Agency Power AP-240-411 Steel Braided Clutch Line-Black Fittings Red Housing

    Part# AP-240-411
  • Agency Power AP-335I-108 Intercooler Kit-Black Couplers

    Part# AP-335I-108
  • Agency Power AP-335I-170 Stainless Steel Exhaust With Dual Tips (Single Muffler)

    Part# AP-335I-170
  • Agency Power AP-335I-170D Stainless Tip Dual Catback Exhaust (Dual Muffler)

    Part# AP-335I-170D
  • Agency Power AP-95BT-608 Gloss Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Middle Spoiler

    Part# AP-95BT-608
  • Agency Power AP-95BT-610 Gloss Carbon Fiber DTM Style Rear Diffuser

    Part# AP-95BT-610
  • Agency Power AP-970TT-102 Aluminum 3Inch Y-Pipe

    Part# AP-970TT-102

  • Agency Power AP-970TT-103 Carbon Fiber 3Inch Y-Pipe-Black Carbon Fiber Only

    Part# AP-970TT-103